Welcom to the realm of cinnamon roll lovers.

Say hello to huge, fluffy, perfect cinnamon rolls filled with an apple brown sugar and cinnamon filling, and then glazed with a cream cheese vanilla glaze that drips down the center and soaks into every bite.

Descriptive Yes. Delicious, absolutely.

Healthy? It’s not so great. Sometimes, you just need that is a bit indulgent to mark times in your day that require some extra special attention.

The secret to keep the cinnamon rolls fluffy and soft is to use bread flour. That’s right. The sole and only. The rolls will not be the same if they aren’t.

Do I think challenge Cinnabon’s famous Cinnabon recipe? 100%.

Let me explain more about this delicious, fluffy cinnamon roll recipe since this is a recipe that you will never, ever forget.

The first time I published this recipe was in May of 2017. I’ve been making this amazing cinnamon rolls recipe for a long time and decided to make it available to everyone.

A few years ago, these delicious cinnamon rolls remain one of the most requested dishes on Ambitious Kitchen. Today, I’m bringing them back to remind you how delicious they taste however, I’ll also give you some additional tips and tricks. Plus, the video tutorial I used to show you making the rolls (at the end of the article).

The first time I made them to serve at the Easter breakfast, while Tony was still playing baseball. His parents were visiting town and he lived there with five other boys. I made the dough over the weekend mixing it with my hands and mixing it with an old spoon. It was perfect. The next day I put the rolls into the oven, and they were like mountains of cinnamon Beautiful, stunning and topped off with the delicious vanilla-flavored cream cheese frosting. The most gorgeous breakfast pastry you’ll ever see.

The guests ate them up immediately and declared that they were among the most delicious cinnamon rolls they’ve ever tasted. I knew from that moment to cook this recipe any holiday or special occasion. Today, I make them each Christmas morning for breakfast -it’s such a wonderful tradition, and everyone eagerly anticipates the cinnamon roll recipe that I’ve developed.

Ingredients found in cinnamon roll

This recipe for cinnamon rolls does not require a lot of ingredients, however it will require the patience, love and devotion to the authentic recipethat is, don’t be deterred from the original recipe! They’re called the top cinnamon rolls due to an reason and that means you have to follow the recipe according to the instructions. Here’s the ingredients you’ll need to make the most delicious cinnamon rolls:

Milk: I suggest whole or 2% milk however almond milk can also be used (I’ve tested it!) Follow my advice below to ensure that your milk is at proper temperature.

Granulated sugar: it can be used to sweeten cinnamon rolls as well as to in activating the yeast.

Quick rise yeast Use rapid rise, or instant yeast for this recipe in order to make rise the cinnamon roll faster. You may also make use of Active dry yeast however the cinnamon rolls might require a bit more time to rise. Check out the tips below on how to use yeast for this recipe!

Butter is the only. I like salted butter, but un salted butter is also great. It’s required for filling the dough and for the icing.

Egg yolk and egg The recipe uses one egg as well as an egg yolk to create that perfect consistency and richness within the pastry dough.

Bread flour: in order to keep the cinnamon rolls fluffy and soft We’re using bread flour. It has more protein to aid in lightening the texture of the cinnamon roll. The higher levels of protein will help produce more gluten, giving the cinnamon rolls their soft, chewy texture you’ve grown to enjoy.

Brown sugar: Personally I am a fan of dark brown sugar to get a more intense molasses sweetness in the cinnamon swirls, but lighter brown sugar can be fine too!

Cinnamon: YUM.

Salt cinnamon rolls without salt taste bland and additionally, salt aids in controlling yeast in cinnamon roll recipes , so do not skip it.

The icing frosting is simply unforgettable! It’s just cream cheese and butter, sugar powdered sugar, vanilla and powdered sugar.

YES PLEASE. Cinnabon has nothing to offer on these rolls.

What yeast is the best for cinnamon rolls? And how to tell when yeast has been active

I understand why it could be difficult to figure out whether your yeast is active. It’s crucial to be aware you have two kinds of yeast available. The first type is active dry yeast that needs to be dissolved in liquid or, as it’s also known, having it “proofed” before it’s added to the other ingredients in the dough.

The other type of yeast is called instant yeast which is also known as rapid rise yeast (this is the one I have and love!) which is also the one we’re using in the cinnamon rolls recipe. The dough can then be incorporated with it without “proofing” required, meaning you don’t have to stand and be watching the yeast until it is bubbling. However, I like to dissolve it into some sugar and milk to help begin the process.

Tips to make the most delicious cinnamon roll

Don’t overheat your milk. You should keep it between 105 and 110 degree F. Anything more hot will likely cause yeast to die that is why that the cinnamon rolls won’t rise. One simple trick is to submerge your finger into the milk. It should feel warm like warm bath water, but not hot. If you heated it too much, just rest for a few seconds until it cools enough to be able to touch.

It is important that you make sure to use room temperature butter for the filling. A majority of recipes recommend melting butter into the filling, however this can result in the filling leaking out prior to baking. Butter that is room temperature is ideal!

Incorporate the brown sugar in the butter After spreading out this soft butter it’s crucial for you to incorporate the brown sugar with the dough and butter so that it’s thoroughly mixed. Check out the video!

Use an egg that is room temperature in the dough: If you choose to use an egg that is cold is there a risk that it will influence the yeast and mix in with butter which could cause the egg to become coagulated. In order to bring your eggs up to the temperature of room, simply put eggs in bowls filled with warmer water over a couple of minutes.

Bread flour: Bread flour is easily available in grocery stores , and it can make all the difference in creating fluffy, soft and delicious cinnamon rolls. JUST TRUST ME.

Be sure to dust your work area and the rolling pin. This helps keep the cinnamon rolls from sticking to the surface or your rolling pin.

two cinnamon rolls placed on a plate

Tools you’ll require to make cinnamon roll dough by hand

These are the cooking equipment I’d recommend to help make this recipe for a cinnamon roll to be a hit:

Stand mixer. It is recommended to utilize the dough hook of your stand mixer in order to mix the dough ahead of rolling it. Do you not have an electric stand mixer? No worries! You can also work the dough with your hands.

Wooden spoon. I would suggest mixing the dough with wooden spoon.

Pin for rolling. It’s for rolling out that gorgeous dough. A tip for you: If your kitchen doesn’t contain a roller, you can flour up the wine bottle!

Serrated knife. A serrated knife can aid in cutting the cinnamon rolls once you’ve rolled the dough. It is also possible to employ floss.

Pan 9×9 inches. I suggest using a 9×9-inch baking pan or a 9-inch round pan so it’s possible for the rolls to can fit perfectly and bake correctly.

Cinnamon roll on a plate

What is the best way to prepare overnight cinnamon roll

After rolling up the cinnamon rolls Cut them according to the directions and place them in a pans that is lined with parchment. Cover the pan with plastic wrap, then put them in the fridge for the night. If you’re prepared to bake make sure to bring the cinnamon rolls up to temperatures at room temperature, and let them rise for 45 to 1 hour prior to baking, according to instructions.

How do you make cinnamon roll dough into a freezer

To store the dough prior to baking The dough must be frozen following one rise (once they have been rolled up with the filling then cut). Put the dough in a pan, and cover with a sheet and then put in the freezer. Once you’re ready for baking, allow the dough to chill in the refrigeratorat least overnight, and then place it in a warm area for 30 to 1 hour prior to baking to initiate your second rise. Bake the cinnamon rolls according to the recipe.

To store them in the freezer after baking: let the cinnamon rolls to cool to room temperature following baking. You may choose to freeze the whole pan, making sure they’re wrapped or placed in an airtight container or store individual pieces of the cinnamon roll. Once you are ready to eat them you can defrost the cinnamon roll at room temperature and warm them in the oven to 350 ° F for 10 to 15 minutes or warm individual rolls by heating them in the microwave between 20 and 30 seconds (once removed from the freezer). I would prefer to freeze them prior to when they’re iced, before icing them once they are ready to eat. Frostings are also freezer-friendly!

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