Ree Drummond isn’t the only one who’s not a reliable source for hot chocolate. In the days leading up to December rolling around, it seems that everyone is eager to switch up their coffee of the day for the cocoa. It’s not surprising. It’s the most popular festive drink, after all.

In recent times, it’s become easier than ever to indulge in your favorite cocoa thanks to a clever hot chocolate-inspired snack. “The “hot chocolate bomb,” as it’s been affectionately referred to in social media, and elsewhere is a bit like the chocolate truffle, however the inside is actually hollow, and usually filled with a single scoop of hot cocoa mix as well as mini marshmallows. Put it “bomb” inside a mug and pour hot milk over it. And you’ll be able to see why these adorables are gaining popularity in such a massive way. The cocoa and other ingredients are said to “explode” out of the bomb, and then into the milk.

It’s cool as all get out.

If are looking to go into the technical aspects of it, it’s less about explosiveness, and much more to do with the buoyancy marshmallows that stay on upper part of the cup as the outside inside”bombs “bomb” melts and falls to the bottom. It looks like an explosion and your kids (and yourself!) will be thrilled. Promise.

Here are the top hot chocolate-flavored bombs available, including unicorn-themed versions in the shape of snowmen and other options. All you need is the mug, milk, and of course the Hallmark film marathon! (Of course there are other options, but if you prefer to take the DIY method, you could get a mold from a store and start working on it, or whip up a gorgeous coffee board. You’ll be able to make it in either case. Cheers!)

Bombombs Hot Chocolate Bombs

The collection of hot chocolate balls stunning to look at however, each of them is simply delicious. The only problem is picking out if you’re in desire of the “fudge brownie” or “caramel candy” flavor.

Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hold the phone, they are just too adorable. Every “snowman” comes filled with an entire serving of hot chocolate as well as a handful of tiny marshmallows.

Baby Yoda Hot Chocolate Bomb

If you’re a lover of The Mandalorian or the Star Wars franchise You owe it to yourself to grab the chance to own some of the Baby Yoda hot chocolate bombs. When they melt they release a tiny, marshmallow Grogu is revealed.

Buckeye Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you’re a big fan of chocolate-coated peanut butter desserts, also known as buckeyes you’ll enjoy this hot chocolate-infused bomb. They’re packed with similar flavors , and are topped with gorgeous chocolate shavings.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bomb

As if hot chocolate-flavored bombs weren’t magic enough…now there’s a unicorn-themed version. Every bomb comes with sprinkles, and then filled with dehydrated, colorful marshmallows.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bombs

There’s something so beautiful about these cocoa balls–and they’re all homemade! Pick from flavors such as white chocolate, milk chocolate salted caramel, birthday cake Peanut butter chocolate or peppermint.

Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs

It’s a good thing your heart is set to expand by a couple of dimensions. These hot chocolate bombs that are a hit are sold in packs, meaning you can buy as many or as little as you like.

Wintry Hot Chocolate Bombs

Even though Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in hot chocolate all year long. These white and blue bombs are great for winter’s last days.

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs

What’s so amazing about the Harry Potter Sorting Hat hot chocolate bombs? They provide a unique imaginative twist on traditional hot chocolate bombs available there.

Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate Bombs

There are two delicious treats that bring back memories together cereal and hot chocolate! The taste of the exterior will be “vanilla funfetti.”

Apple Cider Bomb

Hot chocolate isn’t just the thing that these sweeties are great for. This is a bomb that has salted caramel and a mix of spiced cider and caramel chips and you can add hot water to it, instead of milk.

Hot Chocolate Melting Bomb

Its Belgian chocolate outer and miniature marshmallows provide this particular hot chocolate bomb silky and creamy texture. Tip: Purchase several and give them for gifts throughout the season!

Bombombs Hot Chocolate Bombs

This set of five elegant hot chocolate bombs comes with bombs with two flavors: brownie fudge or caramel chocolate. They’re beautifully wrapped in metallic foil and then placed in a gift-ready container for safe shipping. Additionally, they’re Amazon’s number one product for 2021 and have already earned positive reviews.

LoveleeCookies Valentine’s Hot Cocoa Bombs

Etsy is a fantastic source for hand-crafted hot chocolate bombs by several makers. We love the modern heart-shaped chocolate bombs from LoveleeCookies and come in five distinct flavors. They come packaged with beautiful ribbons and an “You’re The Bomb!” tag attached. There’s nothing better than the one above!


If you’ve not yet tried Vosges’ “haut” chocolate and you’re wondering why, it lives up to its reputation. It is made with top-quality ingredients. Vosges’ confections are among the finest available and their Las Bombalinas will not disappoint. They’re made using 62 percent cacao Ganache, Italian hazelnuts, and the dulce de leche. Although they’re not intended to dissolve within warm milk gold 23-karat leaf that is placed on the top of each of them will give enough of a spectacle.

SugarBlushCreations Valentine’s Edition 6-Pack Hot Chocolate Bombs

Another fantastic Etsy purchase, this set with six chocolate hot bombs contains milk, dark and white chocolates, each one decorated specifically to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They’re handcrafted in Miami using Ghirardelli chocolate, and come in a the most festive gift box.

Birthday Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Although they’re not technically explosive however, these hot chocolate bars are awarded points for their quality. They’re made in California with couverture chocolate that has a higher proportion of cocoa butter to give an enhanced flavor and smoother texture after melting. You can select between Belgian milk chocolate as well as French dark chocolate, however I recommend you go with both and have fun!

Kate Weiser Chocolate Carla the Peppermint Drinking Chocolate Snowman

Carla The Snowman adorable that kids may be hesitant to put her in hot milk in a pot. When they discover that her stomach is full of peppermint chocolate and her head is stuffed with miniature marshmallows, they won’t be bothered by it at all. Although she appears expensive initially, Carla is actually large enough to feed at least eight guests.

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