Hotcake blend cake. That sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it! Yet, when I was shopping back in March during the toilette paper madness time, I snatched flapjack blend since I was unable to discover flour in stores.

Correct, many individuals were accumulating fixings so I had to do with what I could. In all honesty, I thought of pretty cunning approaches to utilizing flapjack blend. The primary thing I utilized it for and presented was these 7 insider facts on committing boxed flapjacks better + errors to keep away from + recipe article.

Right up ’til today, it is one of the most well-known articles on the blog, since I’m certain actually like me, numerous others had a similar issue back toward the start of this isolate.


Truth be told, now, I am not distraught at all that I needed to get a couple of boxes of hotcake blend since, in such a case that that didn’t occur I wouldn’t have found this enchanted cake made out of boxed flapjack blend!

To make this vanilla cake I utilized my trustee Krusteaz flapjack blend. Added a couple of different fixings to get the completely soggy cake. I then, at that point finished off it with chocolate icing.

You can finish off it with whatever icing you like, I just had chocolate icing close by so I chose to go for that one


Here are the fixings you should make your own boxed flapjack blend cake formula:

·Pancake blend  Obviously this cake formula utilizes boxed hotcake blend so this will be the staple of your cake.

·Sugar–A little sugar to improve this cake.

·Milk–The milk will make this cake more damp.

·Sour cream–The harsh cream is additionally used to make this cake additional sodden. We utilize normal sharp cream so it contains the standard measure of fat.

·Butter–The margarine is another fixing that adds wealth to this flapjack blend cake.

·Egg–The egg is the limiting specialist in this cake.

·Vanilla–This is a vanilla cake, so this formula requires vanilla concentrate to get that character to come through.


Since we are utilizing flapjack blend we don’t have to utilize a raising specialist. As you would know pancake blend as of now has preparing powder in the actual combination so that at whatever point you add your wet fixings your hotcakes rise and become soft.


Here is the way you can make your own very simple cake made out of our #1 storage room staple fixing, boxed flapjack mix! Make sure to look down to the recipe box to get the full nitty gritty formula.

·Mix the wet fixings in a medium bowl.

·Add the dry fixings, otherwise known as the flapjack blend to the wet fixings bowl.

·Mix both the wet and the dry fixings together until the dry blend vanishes. Try not to over blend your cake hitter.

·Pour the hotcake blend cake hitter into your lubed container.

·Bake the cake until a wooden stick embedded in the middle confesses all.

·Frost the cake once it’s totally cool.

·Serve your astounding custom made hotcake blend cake and appreciate it with loved ones!

·Don’t over blend it- If you over blend your hotcake blend cake hitter you will wind up with a harder and all the more level cake. So quit blending when the dry combination vanishes.

·Don’t over prepare it- This cake will turn out dry in the event that you over heat it. The cake will be prepared when you embed a blade or a wooden stick in the middle tells the truth.

Would i be able to MAKE THIS CAKE IN A 9×13 INCH PAN?

Indeed! This formula itself is made in an 8×8 inch pan but you can twofold the formula and prepare it in a 9×13 inch search for gold bigger cake. You should heat it for 5-10 minutes longer or until a wooden stick embedded in the middle tells the truth.


I love having this wet flapjack cake all alone on the grounds that it’s so acceptable, yet at times I like to hoist it. Particularly in case I am making it for unique events. Here are a couple of ways you can top your cake:

·Chocolate icing (as I did in this formula)

·Vanilla icing

·Lemon coat

·Chocolate ganache

·Whipped cream and new organic product

·cream cheddar icing

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