These classic waffles can be made in just 10 minutes thanks to the power of Bisquick! They’re soft and fluffy inside and crisp on the exterior. Read Bisquick Waffle Recipe below

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious old-fashioned waffles? The best part is when you serve it with warm buttermilk syrup some fruits or, if you’re hungry, some fried chicken! If you’re obsessed with waffles, like I am, then you’ll definitely enjoy this recipe.

For the best waffles you’ve ever had We’ll make use of Bisquick Waffle mix. The recipe in the package is my favorite for years, however, I’ve just discovered some minor modifications that helped make the breakfast staple and my family’s beloved flavor even better.

Be prepared for the finest waffles that are delicious, tasty, and soft as you’ve ever eaten!

Tips & Tricks For Making The Best Bisquick Waffles

To make the most delicious waffles everyone in the family will love Follow these suggestions and techniques.

There’s nothing worse than burnt waffles particularly when you’re expecting to have them extra soft and fluffy inside, and with perfect sharp edges. To keep waffles from sticking to the metal waffle pan and getting burned, turn the temperature to medium.

This ensures that the waffle is cooked evenly and doesn’t get cooked through or burned on the outside.

Another thing to consider is the amount of batter your waffle iron needs. Most waffle irons only need one cup of batter, but some require more.

It’s crucial to keep in mind as you don’t want them be too thin and lose the traditional waffle shape, or create a mess with an overflowing batter! Be sure to read the instructions of the manufacturer before you start.

To add a bit of flavor, you could personalize the recipe to create your own version. I enjoy the creamy flavor of buttermilk and often make use of it instead in place of full milk. The addition of a teaspoon of cinnamon can do wonders as well!

Other interesting ingredients you can include in the batter include nutmeg vanilla or brown sugar. You can also add tiny pieces of fruit for their sweet taste to the batter.

Do you want to change your favorite Bisquick waffle into an Belgian waffle? It’s a breeze! Simply add a little additional baking soda in order to create it more light and airy.

A further difference between them is the waffle iron that is used. A Belgian waffle iron will have larger grids which make it lighter and more soft on the inside, but it has a bit of crisp on its exterior.

They’re also bigger in terms of size which is why if you’d like the complete Belgian waffle, you should use an Belgian waffle maker!

Are you wondering if it is possible to make Bisquick waffles that are vegan? You sure can! Replace the whole milk with coconut milk or almond milk, and then add dairy-free yogurt in place of eggs.

This recipe creates waffles that are delicious and they’ll taste amazing even with a tiny amount of butter. If you’re interested in adding some extra ingredients to spice up your basic Bisquick waffles, there are many options to explore!

Fruits, and a amount of whipped cream are perfect on top of waffles. My favorite fruits are bananas and blueberries!

As a snack, one will never be disappointed by combining vanilla-flavored ice cream, a bit of chocolate syrup, or even an easy coating of sugar cinnamon. If you want something sweet like herbed fried chicken, bacon and cheese scrambled eggs are my favorite!

Bisquick Waffles topped with Chicken along with Blueberries

Can You Freeze Waffles?

Did you create more than enough waffles? But don’t fret, these delicious breakfast foods can be kept inside the freezer!

If you adhere to these steps to keep your waffles fresh and free from moisture, your waffles could be kept in the freezer for up to 30 days.

Let the waffles cool down to ambient temperature.

Wrap the waffles with aluminum foil, or wrap them in plastic.

Place the container in a tightly sealed container.

Keep them to freeze for up to a month!

When you’re ready to enjoy those deliciously fluffy waffles, all you have to do is take them out of the wrapper and then bake them to 350° F in 10 mins. You can also make them with the toaster!

What’s the Difference Between Pancake Mix and Waffle Mix?

Waffle mix is sweeter that allows it to caramelize, resulting in that slight crunch along the edges. Also, it has more baking powder since they tend to be more airy. The batter for waffles also has some fat, making that perfectly crisp exterior.

Ah, the old question: Do you prefer team waffles or pancakes? I’m not able to choose the one I prefer because they’re alike and equally delicious! What is the difference between waffles or pancake mix?

Although they’re composed of a majority of identical ingredients waffles be more crunchy and have some sweetness than pancakes. This is because the waffle mix contains more sugar that allows it to caramelize to add an extra crunch.

The biggest difference is in the way they’re cooked! They are prepared on a flat surface. The waffles are cooked in the waffle iron. This is among the primary reasons behind the stark variation in the texture.

That’s it… which team do you root for? Team pancakes or team waffles? Tell us in the comments below.

How to Make Bisquick Waffles


Two cups Bisquick Waffle Mix

2.25 cups milk (instead of 1-1/3 as the box suggests)

2 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1 egg


Cook the waffle iron, and then grease it with cooking spray non-stick.

A large mixing bowl mix all the ingredients until the batter is smooth.

The batter should be poured into the waffle iron and cook to golden brown.

Serve and have fun!

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