Cooking and recipe videos have gained popularity in recent times. Due to many social media channels, people can learn to cook new dishes from home. In 2022, people will love to watch their favourite chef on screen. If you are among those who create cooking videos, you need to know about pre-existing templates. 

The professional video maker tools offer pre-existing templates to create cooking videos within minutes. A pre-made template includes after-effects that are automatically added to your cooking video. The viewers don’t prefer dull and unlively cooking videos. It is why you need after effects to make appealing cooking videos. Read on to know the best video template for adding after-effects to your cooking videos. 

1.     Recipe close-up video template 

A video template that offers a close-up of your recipe to the audience is effective. It is ideal for people to start their food channel on YouTube or other social media platforms. A recipe close-up video template will show a full-size image of the fully-prepared recipe at the start of the video. Apart from the close-up of the prepared dish, the template can also add a recipe list, video placeholders, and animation effects. 

The full-size image of the prepared dish will show all the ingredients clearly. Even with a simple look of the prepared dish, viewers can tell the ingredients used. One should know that this is a generic name for pre-made templates that show a close-up of the prepared dish. The name of this pre-made template can change for different intro makers and video editors. 

2.     Cooking show templates 

Are you into cooking competitions and challenges? You can find many pre-made templates with mind-boggling intros for cooking shows and competitions. You can display your channel or cooking competition name in the introduction to inform viewers what the video is about. Many cooking show templates also come with pre-set music to set the mood right for the viewers. Cooking shows and competitions are meant to excite the viewers. You can rely on an intro maker that offers some noticeable cooking show templates. 

3.     Recipe/ingredient titles 

A template with a series of titles is fun for the viewers. The titles could include anything from ingredients to dishes. The title is displayed at the start of the cooking video. The template offers a unique text style for portraying the title of your cooking video. The template will also provide fun-filled backdrops for your video elements. For example, cooking videos often include steps to make a dish in step-format. Instead of displaying text with a basic setting, you can add a backdrop with kitchen-related images. These minor tweaks in your cooking video can help you drive engagement. 

4.     Cooking TV show template 

Do you want to offer a TV feel to the audience with your cooking videos? You can choose a template with an intro similar to that of a TV cooking show. Not only does it look appealing, but it also promotes the professionalism of the video creator. The template offers a dashing intro with appealing images of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. 

There is no compulsion that a pre-made cooking template cannot be customised. You can change the after-effects of a pre-made template if needed. Instead of still images, the template can also include moving images of fruits/vegetables to catch the audience’s attention. 

5.     Cooking class template 

Many cooking experts on social media channels offer tips to viewers. They are many people who learn to cook a dish by watching videos on social media channels. A cooking class template includes appealing illustrations and a catchy intro. This template consists of large footage that becomes the backdrop of your video. In the intro footage, there will be placeholders for adding text. You can add your channel name or brand name via the text placeholders.

6.     Mouth-watering opener 

Often, the introduction of your video decides its engagement level. If the opening of your cooking video isn’t catchy, viewers can skip your cooking video. However, you can rely on a premade template with an appealing opener. Many video creators believe they would have to pay for using an intro creation platform. You can rely on a free video intro maker to create eye-catching openers for your cooking videos. 

7.     A complete cooking video template

Sometimes, you need more than just a few placeholders for adding text to your cooking video. You may need two-thirds or overlays for making your cooking video more appealing. You need to look for a complete cooking video template in such a case. You have to put in the least manual effort with a complete pre-made cooking video template. A full cooking video template will include two-thirds area, recipe placeholder, transitions, music, and text placeholders. A complete cooking video template will also have a background video in a closed loop.

8.     Graphic video template 

Video creators should ensure that their cooking videos are of the highest quality to drive engagement. Low-quality cooking videos aren’t appealing to the audience. You can rely on a graphic video template to add some noticeable elements. Graphic after effects tends to catch the attention of the audience. It can be tedious to add graphic after-effects without any video editing platform. 

Graphic after-effects can include motion effects, animations, overlays, transitions, etc. For adding visual effects manually, you need to be an expert in video creation. With a graphic video template, even a beginner can create a compelling cooking video with high-end after effects. 

9.     Trivia template 

A trivia template allows you to ask questions with the audience. It comes with pre-set placeholders for adding questions and options/answers. You can ask cooking or kitchen-related questions to draw the audience’s attention. Many YouTube cooking channels hold trivia contests at frequent intervals. They even reward the winners of the cooking trivia contest. A trivia template will also include eye-catching background visuals and placeholders for text. 

10.  Recipe video outro 

An outro for your cooking video is as vital as the intro. A food vlog or recipe video outro will allow you to add CTA for the audience. For example, you can ask YouTube viewers to subscribe to your channel after watching a video. A template for creating a video outro will contain placeholders for adding CTAs. You can add actionable CTAs at the end of your cooking video to enhance the conversion rate. 

You don’t need to be a video expert to create engaging food/recipe videos. With pre-set templates, your work is a lot easier. Even a novice can create an appealing cooking video with a pre-set template. Choose a noticeable template for making a food/recipe video!

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