Air Fryer Steak Tips are tiny steak pieces which are well-seasoned and then cooked quickly inside the Air Fryer. Cooking the tips of a beef steak on high heat will give the perfect charring effect that enhances the taste and can make this your go-to method to cook steak bites.

Combine with the Steak Tips with the other recipes from air fryers A French fry cooked in the Air Fryer for dinner and Air Fryer breakfast potatoes to serve for breakfast.

What is an Air Fryer?

It is a small countertop convection cooker that thanks to its small cooking area large cooking area, lots of heat and a powerful circulation fan permits you to brown or crisp more food items than a conventional convection oven.Air fryer is a small countertop convection cooker that thanks to the limited cooking space with lots of heat as well as an efficient fan to circulate heat allow to cook or brown the food more effectively than a conventional convection.

If you’ve ever put food items in the oven with hoping for crispy outcomes only to have the food overcooked before it is crispy or brown, then you’ll appreciate air fryers (affiliate link) as we do! Thanks to the high heat and a powerful fan that circulates heat evenly throughout the food, it cooks to a crisp outside, but not overcooking inside. Thus, the Air fryer can be described as deep fryer that doesn’t have a lot of grease and oil or like the super broiler , which cooks food evenly all around.

Beef Steak Tips

Making the steak tips of beef using the air fryer alternative to any other method (oven broiler grill and the cast-iron skillet) offers many advantages. The most notable is the smallest cleaning. If you are cooking the steak tips using a cast iron pan, you’ll need to switch on your cooktop fan as things can become smoky. Also, everything surrounding the skillet that is within two inches will get covered with grease splashes.

The air fryer is a great option because everything is in the basket that is closed off inside the basket of an air fryer. You still get all the delicious steak bite flavor (charring/browning and everything else) without the grease shower.

If you choose to bake the steaks in the oven, it’s difficult to cook the steak tips without overcooking the meat’s interior and this can be the point where the taste gets the most intense.

The benefit of an air-fryer is it gives you beautiful crispy exterior but still have all the juicy flavor of your favourite steak on the inside and you don’t have to clean up of your kitchen.

Additionally, you’re using the smallest amount of oil to make the marinade stick onto the beef (1 1 teaspoon per 1.5 pounds of beef) instead of coating the skillet with oil to prepare the typical Steak Tips recipe.

I hope that you will enjoy making this dish as much we enjoyed it!


To ensure even cooking for even cooking, cook portions of the steak in one layer. That means that you’ll need to cook the steak tips in two separate batches, particularly in the case of a small air fryer.

Every air fryer is slightly different and you may have to alter the cook time or temperature to a degree.

Make sure you use a high-quality spray oil (not PAM or an equivalent) to ensure that you do not damage an air fryer. I love using this oil sprayer and then fill it with my preferred oil.

If you like the steak tips cooked then air fry them for an additional few minutes however, be sure to check the tips to ensure they’re not burning.

What to do when cooking Steak Tips

Preheat the air fryer for 5 minutes.

The steak tips meat should be seasoned with spices, then toss for a good coating.

Place the steak bites on in the middle of the frier, and cook them on one side before turning to the opposite side and add the asparagus.

Easy Air Fryer Recipe

Steak tips Marinade Ingredients

Spices: I make my personal mixture of spices to make marinade. However, should you have your personal preferred spice mix, you’re free to use it too.

Steak Choice: This recipe makes use of Ribeye steak, however, the new york strip, or another cut is fine too.

Tips for cooking steak using an air fryer

Don’t overcrowd the basket of your air fryer when cooking. The more space you can leave between each steak , the more the hot air will be able to circulate, creating an attractive crust all over.

You can marinade the meat. If you do, make sure to not add salt till just prior to cooking.

Be sure to trim all connective tissue and large chunks of fat off the meat.


What kind of meat is steak tips?

I typically purchase New York, Sirloin or Ribeye steaks and cut them into cubes. There is also the option of buying steak tips, which are usually labeled in sirloin tip form. Though this implies that they originate from sirloins, tips of steak (or the beef tips) could also be derived from the tenderloin, flank or round portion from the cow.

Are you require the marinating of steak tips prior air-frying?

Although marinating isn’t absolutely essential, it can add flavor to steaks and to soften it, particularly when the steak tips come made from a more tough cut of beef. It is possible to marinate tips of your steak for as long up to 3 hours, or, for the best flavor, leave them in the refrigerator for a few days.

If you’re in a hurry then combine the tips of your steak into the marinade, and then cook them immediately. There will be some flavour, however the steak tips won’t be able to soak it all up or become tender.

How long should you cook Tips for a steak?

It’s dependent on how well you enjoy your steak. I’m of the opinion that the best beef tips taste when prepared to medium, or rare. At 400F it is recommended to cook your steak tips in the air for approximately four to five minutes.

If you like your steak cooked well it, add a couple of minutes to the air fry time. Make sure to check the tips of the steak to ensure they’re not charring on the exterior. To determine if the steak is cooked I recommend using a meat thermometer to ensure exactness.

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