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Education is an essential need of children for a brighter and successful future. However, all of the kids are not the same. Some of them are efficient and can study on their own while the others need assistance and in accomplishing their tasks and completing their daily homework. For that, you can hire an online tutor that can provide your kid with one-on-one attention. One-on-one classes are pretty simple like other classes but it has one major BENEFIT that the one tutor pays heed to one child at a time it is as simple as that. And with that special care and necessary heed provided, your kid can be as successful as any other kid. One-on-one classes Quran Classes have several advantages that can lead your child towards success are listed below: 

Special Attention 

In one-on-one classes, your child gets one-on-one attention which means your child will get individual attention from the tutor and the attention of the tutor would not be diverted towards other children. You just need to choose how long you want one lesson to be it can be of 30 minutes and 2-hour long as well and in that selected time the teacher will focus only on your kid. 

Stressless Studying 

When students are not studying with a group of other students they are quite stressless because then the tutor won’t ask them to compete with other students. Most of the time students lose their confidence because their tutors humiliate them and tell them that they are not better than the other kids and ask them to do better than others. Sometimes comparing yourself with others can lead you to self-ignorance. This behavior demotivates the child and his ability to work hard is suppressed. Studying with a separate tutor can help your child to overcome these fears and get rid of stress. 

Opportunity to Step Up 

While studying with a bunch of other kids, your child can feel shy while raising a question. Or while answering a quiz. Sometimes when a student gives a wrong answer by mistake to a question in front of the whole class, other kids bully him. If he is taking one-on-one classes online, he can overcome the fear of what other kids will think if he raised a question and it will increase his interaction with the tutor. 

Comfort Zone 

For 1 on 1 class, your child does not have to leave the home and go to some learning center. Going somewhere else to take the classes can be quite uncomfortable. But this problem is now solved, now your kid can take online classes from an exceptional teacher at home. Who will pay all his attention to your kid only? 

Customization of Different Things 

In these classes, your child will get his own customized schedule. Every child is unique in his own way, their learning styles are different. The tutor will customize the tests according to your child’s capability and will not burden your kid with stuff that he cannot handle. Through these classes, he will be able to improve his weak points and master things at his own pace. 

Deeper and Wider learning 

This 1 on 1 learning offers attention to 1 child at a time only. It gives your child major benefits like, when the tutor is focusing on 1 child only then he can let the child explore the studying topic more deeply. It can not only help increase the knowledge of your child but also help him in the future. 

At the End of the Day 

One-on-one classes will only help your kid to regain confidence and to unlock their potential.1 on 1 learning is worth spending your money and it makes the learning experience of your kind more comfortable and more fun.

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