Why Are Food Platters So Ideal?

Food platters are the new in thing, everyone would rather put together food platters at a party of gathering not only because it looks good but also it is quite an economical decision. Small portions of many types of food are an easy way to ensure your guests are stuffed and also have a wide variety to things to choose from. These are not only easy to make but also can be made with easy-to-find snacks. So, what are the other reasons that food platters are so popular now?

It is very snacky

Whether it is store bought chips or any other junk food a platter can be made combining in all of these snacks. If you are hosting a party and just need some snacks to be passed around the group this is an ideal solution. Pair up the crisps with bite size finger food and arrange them all on tray. The colours alone with a few dips will have everyone effortlessly digging in. 

You can combine leftovers

If you open your fridge and find leftovers of many foods just combine them into a platter. It is important that your platter looks full so it really depends on how good your decorating skills are. 

It fits any occasion

Your platter can be fully custom made depending on what the occasion is. If it is a wine night a cheese platter with different kinds of cheese is a chic and classy way to entertain your guests. Short eats and finer food are ideal for a tea party and a mix of different dips and snacks work great for one of those game nights. It serves a lot of people and can be made to look quite aesthetic if you really know how to arrange it right. 

Can be of any type of food

Platters do not have to be limited to just party food anymore now even fruit platters are very common and of course healthy. Snacking on fruit is a great way to ensure hydration and a healthy digestive system. 

All you need to find is a good fruit box delivery, cut them up and serve with dips or just plain slices. It is quite addictive and honestly it probably is the best kind of addiction to have. In the same way your platter could be sweets only or a mix of sweet and savory the possibilities are endless when it comes to combining food. 

It can be a DIY platter

By DIY we mean that your platter could also be a Build your own platter for your guests. In the platter you can have the different foods needed for either a build your own sandwich platter or anything of your choice. Your guests can choose what filling they like to have and add them into their food. This way you give a nice presentation of the food and give your guests a choice to choose from which can be fun and creative. 

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