home remedies for cold and cough

Cold and cough are very common problems. Many people suffer from this problem. People usually take cough and cold medicine tablet to deal with it. But medicines can sometimes have a bad effect on health. So one should use natural safe ways to treat the cold and cough. Home remedies should be used to treat it. 

Here are some of the home remedies to treat cold and cough:

1. Ginger and salt: To treat cold and cough by using ginger and salt, cut small pieces of ginger and then add some salt to it then chew this mixture of ginger and salt to get relief from cold and cough.                 2. Spiced tea: To get relief from cold and cough, add some ingredients while making tea like ginger, tulsi, and black pepper, these are perfect for the treatment of cold and cough.                                                       3. Amla: Amla is a very strong immunity booster. Many diseases can be cured with the help of this. There are many benefits of eating amla such as increasing the working of the liver, increasing blood circulation, etc.                                                                                                                                                              4. Ginger tea: Ginger tea is very good in taste and helps to treat colds and coughs. It also increases the process of recovery. It helps to dry the running nose and clears everything inside. Therefore, it helps in reducing the risk of cold and cough.                                                                                                                         5. Luke warm water: Luke warm water is very good to drink when you have a cold and cough. It helps in getting relief as it nourishes the path of the throat, and reduces inflammation and irritation. It takes the infection out of the body.                                                                                                                                            6. Lemon, cinnamon, and honey mixture: Lemon, cinnamon, and honey are the best ingredients for treating colds and coughs. Mix these three ingredients to make syrup. To make syrup, take half spoon of honey, then add a pinch of cinnamon and a few lemon drops. Take this syrup to treat your cold and cough.                                                                                                                                                                              7. Milk and turmeric: Milk and turmeric are very common ingredients that can be found in every home. They both are very good for the treatment of colds and coughs. Mixing turmeric in warm milk and drinking this before sleeping every night to cure a cold and cough will be the best.                                       8. Jaggery: Jaggery is very good to use to treat colds and coughs. It helps in reducing chest congestion by clearing all the paths inside the body and then the cold and cough are cured. To use this home remedy, take black pepper, jaggery, and cumin and add this to water and boil it to make a mixture, and consume it to get relief from cold and cough.                                                                                                                           9. Honey and brandy: The temperature of our body is increased with the help of brandy. Taking the combination of honey and brandy will help you to get relief from cold and cough. Take a few drops of honey and mix it with one teaspoon of brandy and take it to get relief from a cold and cough.                 10. Carrot juice: Carrot juice sounds very much strange to listen to and is very much uncommon to treat cold and cough but it is very good to treat and get relief from cold and cough. 

As mentioned above, there are many home remedies to treat colds and coughs. One can try any of these home remedies to get relief from cold and cough and should avoid taking cold and cough medicine tablet and should cure themselves in natural ways. 

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