This shrimp toast recipe was inspired by my experience at Zuni Cafe in which I cooked late-night meals using leftover bread and shrimp which demanded that I throw them in the garbage with aioli and anything else I could find to put in my freezer. They’re good as an appetizer and as an entree course.

Practical advice Don’t skip the lemon in this recipe. Get them juiced! A tart, tart-flavored juice is essential to cut through the sweetness. Take care when they are baking; they could be cooked perfectly to too crispy within a matter of minutes. Try making the own Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) here. It’s a huge difference. However, store-bought garlic mayonnaise that is sugar-free can be used as well.

What Exactly Is Shrimp Toast?

Shrimp toast can be described as a dim sum-style appetizer, or small pieces. It’s not the typical dumpling, which is known by the name however.

Instead the bread is golden-fried bites that are topped with a tasty shrimp mousse.

The batter of shrimp is smearmed onto the bread, dipped with a bread crumb topping of your choice, then cooked to golden on both sides and the shrimp batter cooked to perfection.

If it sounds easy and easy, that’s because it really is. It’s actually quite simple, but it packs a huge flavor punch, with perfectly married flavors that have been melded.

It’s a great finger food with some crunchy exterior, and rich, juicy and hot shrimp center.

Where Does Shrimp Toast Come From?

This simple shrimp toast could be thought of as something that is an American Chinese invention, especially due to the addition of the extremely Western white bread.

It’s actually a variation on a classic Shandong snack, which is fried shrimp balls. These were the basic meatball made of shrimp, which fluffed when cooked.

This Chinese take-out shrimp toast recipe is an evolutionary product that is commonly served on take-out menus and in Asian restaurants across America.

The Cantonese usually serve it with mayonnaise or miracle whip, or some ketchup. However, we would rather have simple spy sauce to dip.

This seems like an ideal place to discuss about the specifics of creating shrimp toast.

Shrimp mousse is a little unclear when I think about it.

Ingredients Needed To Make Shrimp Toast:




green onions

white bread

Bread crumb

canola oil

It’s always a bonus in my book when a good recipe has an easy ingredient list. From start to finish the recipe for shrimp toast requires just six ingredients.

Nearly all of them I’m certain that the majority of home cooks have a supply with what they need. What if they don’t?

It’s true that they’re not difficult to find them in just about any supermarket. Make sure you have everything prepared, enough counter space and put on your cooking gloves and you’re ready to whip up your favourite Asian appetizer.

To Make The Shrimp Toast:

Mix the egg, shrimp and salt until the mixture is smooth.

Incorporate the green onions and pulse until the green onions are blended in.

Make sure to add a spoonful of shrimp mousse into the bread triangles.

Utilizing the back of the spoonspread out the mix easily.

The oil in the pot should be filled up to an inch. The oil should be heated over medium-high temperature.

Make sure to press the shrimp-covered pieces of bread in the breadcrumbs. Press them into the bread crumbs to create an even, sticky coating.

In four batches Add your bread pieces to hot oil, shrimp side down. Once the bread is golden, turn it over it over and cook until the second side is also golden brown.

In this stage you can use a spoon with a slotted handle to lift the toasts that have been cooked out of the cooking oil. Transfer them onto a plate lined with paper towels to drain them and absorb any oil that remains. Serve while they are still warm, and serve them with a dip sauce of your preference.

We love soy sauce, however I also like sweet and sweet sauce. To make a beautiful garnish, sprinkle it with thinly cut green onions, or sesame seeds.

I love this simple shrimp toast recipe. I’m in awe of the ease of making it make in my home kitchen. Seriously, it’s that easy.

A nice takeaway saves the day on many occasions, but the ability to create my own Chinese style dinner at home is invaluable.

After making this several times over the years, there are two things I’ve learned from the processMake sure to read below for helpful tips and techniques.

Tips & Tricks For Making Shrimp Toast:

Like many other fried food items the shrimp toast should be prepared to the order. If you cook at home, it’s best to fry the bread fresh prior to serving. To speed up the process and to prepare it ahead of time, then spread it over the bread, then cover and keep it in the refrigerator. The bread should be soaked in the mousse until just before you fry.

It is possible to make use of any white bread in this recipe, however I recommend using the highly American Wonder brand. The other brands are less expensive and will pull and break as you spread the shrimp mixture. It also stands up well to cooking, and produces the most crispest texture.

The filling we’ve provided is the most basic. It’s fantastic however, you are able to include other things in it to add a bit of taste. For a more savory flavor, add some uncooked ground sausage to the batter. Mix it in and add the shrimp. It is also possible to add water chestnuts that you have chopped up into the mixture, and fresh grated ginger.

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