Here’s a different version of the popular TikTok Ramen. Kylie Jenner uses garlic butter , and eggs to make the simple instant Ramen.

I have to say that it’s quite delicious! In my recipe, I made use of an quick Chicken Ramen cup the comes with peppers, peas and corn. The dish is lots of color, plus texture and taste.

Ramen noodles in the form of a bowl

Kylie’s Ramen


The recipe is not difficult not at all. Just a few ingredients and some preparation will have you having lunch within 10 minutes.

Instant Ramen (Chicken or Beef)


Garlic Powder


This recipe is different from other TikTok Ramens because it doesn’t contain sugar or soy sauce. Additionally, this recipe includes an egg beater that gives the ramen an amazing silky texture and boosts the protein content. I would call it an win!

Ramen bowl with bagel seasoning

I love TJ’s and I decided to add some bagel seasoning

Since I’m a huge enthusiast of Trader Joe’s Everything Other than the Bagel Seasoning, I decided to incorporate it into topping. It’s a great flavor addition to this already delicious dish.


For this recipe, you have to add the Ramen noodles to boiling water. Allow them to soften and then hydrate for approximately 2 minutes before adding cinnamon powder, butter and garlic. Then, add the egg you beat and serve.

The next time I’ll include a pinch of pepper and salt to the eggs and perhaps let the noodles cool slightly before adding the egg. I’d like to find out whether I can create an even creamier texture than scrambled eggs with a scrambled-like appearance.

Overall, it’s a nice alternative to traditional ramen, and I’d definitely try it again. Please let me know in you’ve created these recipes and whether you enjoy these recipes!


1 Instant Ramen Noodle Cup

1 cup boiling water 1 cup boiling

1 tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 egg beaten


Cook the Ramen according to the instructions on the package

A sauce pan, add the ramen, once it is it is cooked. If needed, add more water (1 teaspoon or less)

Add the butter and garlic powder and mix.

Incorporate the egg that has been beat and cook for one more minute

Serve and garnish with all the salt and pepper (optional)


Kylie Jenner is a popular social media star with a follower count in the range of 77.2 millions or greater. Kylie Jenner has an enormous impact on the number of followers. In fact, she has such a huge impact the moment she posted pictures of her ramen recipe and mentioned that she added garlic powder, butter onion powder, garlic powder, and eggs her recipe became viral. Twitter then became flooded with users commenting on what they added to their Ramen.

Me being one of her millions of social media followers I thought I’d give her recipe for ramen an attempt.

Making the Ramen

Kylie Jenner shared this surprising and delicious way that can make your Ramen noodles more delicious… Would you consider trying these ingredients?

In order to recreate the recipe I started by making Chicken Ramen, which is my favourite, because she didn’t provide a specific type–by boiling the water, adding the noodles and the flavoring, and then adding her signature ingredients including garlic powder, butter, onion powder (about 5 to 6 shakes of each because she didn’t specify) as well as an egg. Making these ingredients didn’t pose difficult at all. The whole process took just five minutes.

At first, I was skeptical about the ramen that I was cooking because it appeared quite yellow, but the color changed as it cooked. The result became something that was like an egg drop soup, with noodles inside. It was much more delicious than it did look.

Final Thoughts

This recipe made ramen much better than I anticipated. I was awestruck by it. It was extremely flavorful and I felt it was superior to regular ramen with nothing added. While I’m planning to replicate the recipe but I’ll certainly try to experiment with other recipes for ramen as well. There are so many options you can make with the standard ramen to enhance it and I’m ecstatic to test them, and I’m sure you will too.

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