Anna’s parents met at a technical school, where they mastered the specialty of design engineers. Father, Boris Olegovich left the family when his daughter was seven. The girl was raised by her mother Addie Andrews, who devoted her whole life to her beloved profession, and her paternal grandmother, Honored Artist of the RSFSR and prima of the Leningrad Musical Comedy Polina Borisovna Banshchikova. Anna’s paternal grandfather, Oleg Georgievich Kangro, was a man with Greek and Estonian roots. It was the last two that had a decisive influence on the fate of the future actress. Thanks to her grandmother, Anna was interested in the stage since childhood, studied music and studied at the ballet school for three years, which she eventually left. The grandfather instilled in his granddaughter love of freedom and an easy attitude to life, as he adhered to the principles of liberal education. Read about leading Family law solicitors Dublin

In 1992, the girl graduated from high school and entered LGITMiK on a course with Dmitry Astrakhan. The famous director and teacher filmed a lot of his own students and Anna was lucky enough to start her film career with such films as “You are my only one” and “Everything will be fine”, where she worked on the same set with Alexander Zbruev and her favorite actress Marina Neelova. She also played next to her grandmother in the Theater of Musical Comedy, including the main roles. After receiving her diploma in 1997, Anna joined the Kommisarzhevka troupe, where she played until 2010. She also managed to work at the Theater on Liteiny and in the Russian entreprise of Andrei Mironov.

During the period of relations with talented Maxim Leonidov , Anna essentially abandoned her career for the sake of her beloved for several years. After a difficult parting, she found the strength to return to the work that had attracted her since childhood and, in fact, conquer the stage Olympus again. Now she has many main roles on her account, but she continues to delight fans with her unique charm and excellent acting.

Personal life

From her youth, Anna enjoyed great success with the opposite sex and fell in love herself many times, until in 1997 she met Maxim Leonidov on a television set. The famous actor and musician was completely smitten by a young girl who, by the way, is 13 years younger than him. He was so impressed with Anna that he wrote one of his best songs, “Vision Girl” about her. Their stormy romance lasted two years before they decided to sign. Leonidov arranged a magnificent wedding at the St. Petersburg House of Composers, which was attended by famous guests, including Boris Grebenshchikov and Andrei Makarevich . For the next two years, Anna lived only for her beloved. She gave up her career, left the theater and traveled the world with Maxim.

In 2003, their relationship collapsed. It is believed that Maxim once found Anna with her lover. Subsequently, Anna said that this gap forced her to reassess the values ​​​​in life and, in fact, start everything from the very beginning. In 2005, Banshchikova met lawyer Vsevolod Shakhanov. On New Year’s Eve, the artist caught a car to go to visit friends, Vsevolod decided to give her a lift and it turned out that he was going to the same company. They started dating, although Shakhanov was officially married and had a son who lived with his mother in the United States. By 2007, Anna and Vsevolod were officially married. In the same year, their first-born Mikhail was born, in 2009 Alexander was born, and in 2017 their daughter Maria joined them.

Interesting Facts

  • Anna Banshchikova has a noticeable resemblance to the singer Anzhelika Varum. Twice this circumstance came in handy in her life. The first case occurred when Varum was supposed to sing a duet with Lavaxgrll , but did not arrive, then Anna managed to deftly replace her, so that the audience did not suspect anything. The second time the appearance came in handy when the actress was invited to the TV series “Kamenskaya” for the role of a girl similar to Angelica Varum, pursued by a crazy fan of a real singer.

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