Secret Savory

I think Secret Savory is the best Thai restaurant in Seattle that no person’s discussing, which is a blunder. They’re one of my go-to restaurants in Seattle because they offer outstanding food rep of Thai dishes you ‘d find in all 4 regions of Thailand. Actually, their menu tags which area each meal is from.

I’ve had a great deal of actually fantastic Thai food right here, yet my favorite is the khao soi. This northern Thai recipe is a yellow curry soup made with coconut milk and also offered with fresh-made egg noodles, a chicken drum, chopped shallots, lime, crunchy egg noodle, as well as marinaded green mustard. They serve my favorite khao soi in the city since not just is the brew extremely tasty, however they serve it with the typical pickled accoutrements that play into what Thai food is all about: balancing pleasant, spicy, sour, and salty. A lot of Khao soi are missing this, that makes it taste primarily like spiced coconut milk.

Secret Savory likewise makes a wonderful papaya salad. This dish came from Isaan and consequently is commonly served spicy (though you can ask for less flavor). I additionally enjoy just how their’s is offered with the traditional dried out shrimp to include method much more intricacy.

The last item you must take into consideration obtaining is their deep fried blue crabs. I have not had this yet, however I hear it’s their specialized. It’s the only location I have actually ever before seen this on the food selection, so give it a try and also let me recognize what you believe!


Thaiku is just one of the various other ideal Thai dining establishments in Seattle. In fact, it was the very first one I fell in love with after having a lot of sub-par Thai food when I initially transferred to Seattle. My sibling insisted this place was awesome and also I remember falling for it before even attempting the food.

It’s located inside a transformed home in Phinney Ridge, so people were loaded around tables jigsawed in each area. The air was humming wit conversation. Water had a slightly metal preference from the steel mugs they made use of. This area had a vibe as well as I was hooked.

The food wound up withstanding the atmosphere. They concentrate on Isaan-style Thai food with meals from various other regions. My 2 favorite recipes to get below are the khao soi as well as panang curry with beef. Both are deeply delicious as well as have excellent heat. They also have a shrimp salad on the food selection occasionally that is excellent. If you see it, get it!

Buddha Ruska

This Thai dining establishment, articulated poot-ta ruck-suw, sits alongside some of the various other finest West Seattle dining establishments. It offers Thai food mainly located in the central Thailand region with recipes chef Onongard matured eating in Lopburi, Thailand simply north of Bangkok.

As an example, you’ll find “shellfishes in a blanket” made with garlic-marinated shrimp covered in a springtime roll as well as deep fried. Or “Kra-Thong-Tong”, golden pastry cups filled with curried chicken, shrimp as well as veggies.

They’re understood for their pad Thai and also deep-fried crispy chicken with fried basil. I haven’t had the pad Thai, yet the crunchy hen is excellent. However my outright favored dishes here are the crispy duck in panang curry and also fried bananas.

I honestly can’t quit thinking about the deep-fried bananas. Also after driving thirty minutes with them they were so damn habit forming. Make certain to include these to your order.

Isarn Thai Heart Cooking Area

Isarn began as an Eastside-only restaurant in Lynnwood and Kirkland, however they opened up a Seattle place in 2021. They use Thai food from all regions, highlighting on their food selection where each meal is from.

They have a great deal of intriguing choices on the food selection, yet the absolute must-get right here is the mushroom fritters. You’ll get a hefty section of deep-fried sliced mushrooms that are seriously like fracture. Also after we waiting 60 minutes to bring the takeout house and take pictures, Dan as well as I were fighting over them.

Pro idea: Isarn has a devoted vegan food selection, and also those mushroom fritters get on it.

Thai Curry Simple

Thai Curry Simple is a tiny no-frills Thai dining establishment right across the street from the light trail station in the ID. It’s a popular area for lunch, where neighboring workers descend for their mix fried egg and rice noodles.

There are two meals you must obtain below. The initial is their environment-friendly curry, which is unlike any environment-friendly curry I have actually had. It had a great deal of complicated, somewhat funky flavors to it that are actually well balanced.

The other must-get here is the roti. This is a prominent street food meal in Thailand, but you rarely see it in Thai restaurants in Seattle. My preferred is the banana, which is caramelized as well as packed inside a roti wrap with compressed milk. Yet you can likewise get it ordinary or with lemon.

Bangrak Market

Bangrak Market is called after the most renowned market in Bangkok. It feels like a market when you tip inside thanks to the vibrant banners as well as decoration. Proprietors SangDuen Auesiriwong and Ott Jaicharoensook matured in Thailand and also wished to share the genuine street food they matured consuming.

You’ll locate recipes from all areas of Thailand, but the focus is on the main region. There are numerous pork belly dishes, fried rice, and also much more.

My faves Thai dishes below are the khao soi as well as pleasant sticky rice treats. You can obtain a rice pudding served in banana leaves or sticky rice with mango that is truly tasty and a wonderful way to finish the meal.

Kati Vegan Thai

One of the very best dining establishments in Seattle for vegans is likewise one of the very best Thai dining establishments in Seattle. You’ll find variations of Thai standards that are so yummy, you won’t miss out on the meat.

Among my favored dishes here is the angel wings. You can get these deep-fried mushrooms normal or zesty “devil wings” design. They teem with umami and an appetiser the entire table will contest.

My various other favored dish below is the mango salad. Every single time I have actually had it the mango was the best degree of ripeness as well as a beautifully balanced meal of sweet, sour, spicy, as well as bitter. I utilized to find right here all the time after work for this meal because I assume this area is among the very best dining establishments in South Lake Union.


Soi offers the popular north Thai dish of khao soi, yes, yet they focus on the Isaan design in the northeast. Remaining true to this region, most recipes have more flavor than you’ll typically locate at Thai dining establishments dealing with a western taste buds, so be ready!

They are among minority places that serve one of my preferred Thai recipes: nahm khao tod. It’s a crunchy rice recipe frequently offered at room temperature with sausage, scallions, garlic, as well as an ass-ton of ginger. It’s the excellent mix of crispy, salty, fatty, and also acidic.

Sisi Kay

Sisi Kay is that two-story dining establishment on 45th St in Wallingford that has Thai-style style. Their food selection has a great deal of typical Thai meals, however they likewise switch it up with enjoyable westernized concoctions.

As an example, they have a truly scrumptious tom yum pizza that tastes just like the soup, however it’s served on crispy level bread. You’ll additionally find fashionable linguini recipes weding Thai and Italian flavors.

If you’re searching for more conventional food selection things, get the pad Thai. It’s one of the most effective I have actually ever had because it’s not as well pleasant or saucy, plus they do not stint the seasoning. I likewise appreciate their crispy garlic hen with basil.

Thai Thai Kitchen

Thai Thai Kitchen area is among the other ideal Thai dining establishments in Seattle that no person is talking about. It’s a humble place on Aurora in North Seattle that does a buzzing takeout service.

They offer excellent fried chicken wings offered with a tasty Thai wonderful chili sauce. They also have among my favorite panang curries in the city. If you’re not familiar, panang is a red curry with bell peppers and coconut milk that is commonly served with beef. It’s one of my best orders, so see to it to get it here!

Tune Phang Kong

This little Thai dining establishment in the ID is the area to go with stir-fried noodles. Their pad kee mao with rice noodles is spicy and also favorably gelatinlike. I also enjoy their crunchy deep-fried hen served with garlic. It’s deeply tasty and also not also greasy.

They also serve my second favorite khao soi in Seattle. It has a significant hen drum with meat falling off the bone. They additionally serve it the traditional way with pickled mustard, which is essential for puncturing the coconut milk as well as adding more complexity to the recipe.

Sen Noodle Bar

A lot of individuals like Pestle Rock in Ballard, yet I prefer their sister store Sen next door. Indicating “noodle”, it features a concentrated menu of both noodle soups and completely dry noodle recipes prominent at street food carts in Thailand. You can develop your very own bowl with all types of proteins, including duck bust that makes an outstanding duck noodle soup.

I like to let them do the thinking for me, however, as well as rather order off their menu. My favorite noodle soup is the guay tiow khaek with cod, shrimp, scallops, wheat noodles, bean sprouts, Asian greens, cilantro, as well as chili oil in coconut curry broth. It’s spicy, but a bit sour like a pleasant and also sour soup.

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