When it comes to Thai food, no city in America has it far better than Los Angeles. After all, Southern The golden state is house to the biggest Thai population outside of Thailand and East Hollywood’s Thai Town is the only formally designated community of its kind in the country. Though the six-block location will constantly be the center of Thai food in LA, unbelievable restaurants can be located in a lot of edges of the city.

From event areas on the Sundown Strip to 30-year-old Valley landmarks, bench for Thai food is established so high in LA, it’s overwhelming. Below are the spots you need to be focusing on.



Thai in East Hollywood, Thai Town.

Jitlada isn’t just the body and soul of LA’s Thai food scene, it is among this city’s important eating experiences, full stop. The Sundown Blvd. room is cramped and garish, as well as while you’ll possibly find a couple of celebrities, the actual star of the show is Jazz, the epic proprietor that still walks around to every table asking if you liked your dish. Don’t worry, your response will always be an unquestionable “Yes.” With over 400 products, the food selection is objectively overwhelming, so our suggestion is to avoid the recipes you can locate at any other Thai dining establishment, and also go all-in on the ones that make Jitlada the gold requirement for LA: the crunchy catfish salad, complete Dungeness crab with garlic, taepo curry, or the secret off-menu Jazz Burger.

Anajak Thai.


Thai in Sherman Oaks.

Dinner at Anajak is a full-on event. Tables have actually been established in the alley and also covered in white fabric, R&B blasts from the audio speakers, as well as at the facility of all of it is Justin Pichetrungsi – the current cook and owner putting on a show for the fortunate individuals who racked up a ticket to his 14-course Thai omakase. The 40-year-old Sherman Oaks restaurant also has a wonderful ala carte food selection, loaded with Thai fried hen, Northern-style meatballs, and also a creamy curry custard that tastes like a hot dessert, plus a superb a glass of wine program curated by the cook himself. The whole experience feels like a mix of magic program, great dining, and also wedding reception with your rowdiest relative – as well as now’s the moment to go.

Luv2Eat Thai Restaurant.


Thai in Hollywood.

Whenever people ask what the absolute ideal restaurant in LA is, it’s our all-natural reflex to blurt out Luv2Eat. So sometimes it’s difficult for us to branch off and also go to new areas, since this Southern Thai area has a means of luring us in. Whatever concerning Luv2Eat feels and look like any other shopping center restaurant in the city, however the food as well as the warm solution stand out. Its success lies in the Chef’s Special area of the food selection, a mixed bag of meals that showcases both chefs’ household recipes from Phuket. The Phuket-style crab curry, for instance, when incorporated with the fatty crab meat bathing at the bottom, takes pleasant, salty, and sour to blissful degrees. Even the moo-ping, an easy grilled pork skewer appetiser, is marinated as well as charred so completely that it ought to truly be rebranded as candy-on-a-stick.

Holy Basil.


Thai in Downtown LA

. We’re not going to dice words right here: Divine Basil is making some of one of the most interesting Thai food in LA today. Located in a Midtown food court, this small takeout window’s food selection is filled with things like pad thai, environment-friendly curry, and tom yum soup. While these are meals you’ve likely eaten on many occasions, at Holy Basil, it feels like you’re consuming them all for the first time. Obtain the tom yum soup, which is a whirlwind of flavors and textures consisting of oyster mushrooms, roasted chili jam, lemongrass, lime leaf, galangal, and also cilantro. And also make sure ahead starving and order as much as you perhaps can – there’s not a solitary vulnerable point on the food selection.

North Thai Food Club.


Thai in East Hollywood, Thai Community.

The tiny East Hollywood coffee shop (there are about five tables overall) is house to some of one of the most floral, sinuses-clearing food in the city, and the type of place you’ll go to for lunch – after that go right back after work for dinner. Sure, you may need to consume your food pushed up against a home window next to a pile of old papers, however that’s simply part of the fun right here. The pleasant, vibrantly orange khao soi is amongst our favorite variations in LA and also the spicy jackfruit salad really makes consuming a salad at lunch not really feel depressing. That claimed, no dish below is total without at the very least one order of the sai oua, a spicy pork sausage that’ll stay on your mind – and also lips – for the remainder of the day. 

Sapp Coffee Shop.


Thai in Thai Community.

Don’t be misled by the name: although Sapp Coffeehouse does serve caffeinated beverages, you’re right here for the boat noodle soup. This magical bowl is right stuff of tale, on the same level with the Sea serpent or discovering the ideal work/life equilibrium – it’s cool, sour, spicy, and sweet; full of silky noodles and also cut beef. We additionally such as the jade noodles (mainly because there’s a mound of duck, pork, and also dried crab ahead) and also sen chan pad pu, an excellent fish dish that’s heavy on the tamarind as well as more poignant than other variations around town.



Thai in East Hollywood.

Prael has actually been open for over two decades, yet isn’t quite as widely known as several of the bigger names in nearby Thai Community. Consider this your possibility to treat that, because this Melrose Hill spot is offering some of the spiciest and most memorable Thai food throughout LA. Likewise to Jitlada, Prael has a large food selection filled with meals you can find on menus across town. Also in a similar way, you want to buy the dishes that you can’t. Take the gang pah, a herbaceous, clear broth curry packed with bamboo, eggplant, as well as chili, or the kanom jeen numya, a rice noodle recipe topped with a pleasant, bright yellow fish curry. We likewise like the natural, gelatinous sauce of the lard na, as well as the fried shrimp rolls, which feature a perfectly-crunchy exterior, yet a squishy inside that stands out with each bite. Prael has a well-oiled takeout circumstance, but spending a meal consuming inside their charming dining-room embellished with pictures of Thai aristocracy and also muay Thai posters is definitely worth your time.

Sri Siam Coffee Shop.


Thai in North Hollywood.

Greetings from LA’s best and also most important Thai dining establishment you have actually perhaps never ever become aware of in the past. Found up in the outer fringes of North Hollywood, Sri Siam has actually been around for over three decades and is nobility when it comes to its impact over this city. The crispy rice salad that blew your mind over during the night + Market? Sri Siam’s been doing it since the ’80s. Additionally, don’t be shocked if your web server (i.e. the owner) pulls up a chair beside you as well as starts talking – that’s simply exactly how things are done right here. The velvety khao soi as well as wonderful as well as salted poultry wings are both knock-outs, but the best point below are the off-the-menu radish cakes. Drop what you’re doing as well as go obtain them now.

Night + Market Sahm.


Thai in Venice.

Editor’s note: the Silver Lake area is briefly closed due to a cooking area fire.

A youngster takes over his parents’ family Thai restaurant on the Sundown Strip as well as turns it right into among the best Thai restaurants in Los Angeles, and broadens to Venice, Silver Lake, and also Las Vegas, NV. Story as old as time, right? Hardly. Kris Yenbamroong and also his other half, Sarah St. Lifer run the only event restaurants around that we likewise shortlist for takeout. We such as all 3 Night + Market areas in LA, yet Venice presently has our hearts. It’s confined and also loud in such a way that forces you to allow loose, as well as although they don’t have booze (like they do in West Hollywood), the a glass of wine list constantly introduces us to something new. See to it some kind of larb, fried poultry, and noodles are on your table, and you’re in for a fun time.

Ayara Thai Food.


Thai in Westchester.

Similar to Anajak, Ayara is a long-standing place that’s appreciating a huge renaissance thanks to the initial proprietor’s youngster taking the reins. Chef Vanda Asapahu, the proprietor’s daughter, is now running the show and also over the past few years has actually transformed this Westchester staple right into among our favorite Thai restaurants on the Westside. It’s still practically a to-go only procedure, but there’s a good-sized outdoor patio out front if you simply landed at LAX and also need to eat immediately. The menu is incredible across-the-board, but the plump, savory kai jeaw omelet and Ayara’s toast, which come shaped like little elephants and covered with a buttery shrimp as well as pork spread, are standouts.

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