Old Town Scottsdale is notoriously recognized for being house to a large range of stores including keepsakes, jewelry, art, lounges, bars, dining establishments, and also clubs using myriad eating and also nightlife chances within a short range of each other. This advantage has actually made Old Town Scottsdale a very popular traveler destination website, holding millions of individuals being available in mainly to sample the finest eating joints in this town. Therefore, we have meticulously picked for you one of the most preferred dining establishments offering authentic Mexican foods for you to take pleasure in. Scroll down and check out our listing of Mexican Dining establishments in Old Town Scottsdale, Phoenix Az, Arizona.

1. Los Olivos Mexican Outdoor Patio

Come and taste what all the exhilaration is all about at Los Olivos Mexican Outdoor Patio. The inside of this restaurant is well-decorated with old and also typical furnishing. Los Olivos is popular to serve authentic Sonoran food developed with passion. The restaurant offers tasty lunch dishes of shredded beef taco & cheese enchilada, hen tacos, fish tacos, as well as onion enchiladas. When it comes to dinner, you can get a bite of the yummy huevos rancheros, Mexican flag plate, soup, or garden salad to enhance your meal. It’s a family-friendly area. Make certain to appreciate the scrumptious Sonoran dishes when you see.

2. Cien Agaves Tacos & Tequila – Old Town

After a lengthy day of wandering with the city, appreciate a tasty dish at Cien Agaves Tacos & Tequila which is positioned at Old Town Scottsdale. The within this dining establishment is perfectly enhanced with informal home furnishings comfy for your remain. This dining establishment is famously recognized for offering delicious tacos and also top-shelf tequila, making residents return again and again. Cien Agaves offers a revitalizing and healthy and balanced lunch meal of tortilla chips, black beans, grilled hen, melted cheese, and tortilla chips. As for dinner you can delight in green Chile cheese crisp with tostadas, as well as add queso Verde, turtle soup or garden salad to supplement your meal. Visit with close friends and also take pleasure in the scrumptious tacos.

3. Loco Customer

Welcome as well as appreciate a revitalizing dish at Loco Client which is situated at Scottsdale Roadway. This restaurant is sizable, open, and has comfortable seats. Loco Client offers authentic mouthwatering Mexican cuisine and also warm hospitality. The food selection features modern adaptations and classic favorites. Loco patron offers scrumptious brunch meals of environment-friendly chilli hash, enchiladas and eggs, bacon, as well as huevos rancheros. Later for supper, you can get hold of a bite of the scrumptious chips and salsa with smoked hen tenders, and include sautéed peppers, tortilla soup or tomato queso salad to enhance your meal. It’s an ideal place for friends and family to catch up. Make sure to delight in the genuine Mexican meals when you pass by.

4. Frank & Lupe’s Old Mexico

Reach discover the city as well as appreciate a rejuvenating meal at Frank & Lupe’s in Scottsdale. This dynamic, casual Mexican restaurant is open as well as sizable, enhanced in gorgeous colours. This dining establishment offers an outstanding and genuine New Mexican food from appetisers, steaks, treats and far more. Frank & Lupe’s serves delicious morning meal meals of beef sandwich, bacon, omelette, delicious chocolate milk and also fresh fruits. When it comes to supper, you can order a bite of the scrumptious of rolled enchilada with rice, beans include beef tostada, soup or garden salad to supplement your dish. It is a family-friendly location with a youngsters’ food selection. Drop by and also enjoy the delicious new Mexican dishes.

5. Diego Pops

After a long day of exploring the city, take pleasure in a healthy and balanced as well as scrumptious dish at Diego Pops located at Scottsdale Road. The inside of this dining establishment is extremely roomy and also well-decorated with comfy sofas and also intense lights. This lively eating spot offers re-imagined as well as traditional dishes such as bacon, poke, & burritos plus a ventilated patio area bar. Diego Pops serves a rejuvenating and authentic lunch dish of ahi tuna, Brussels grow nachos, mango habanero wings and chicken tortilla soup. As for dinner, you can appreciate braised eco-friendly chilli hen with veggie rice, or barbequed shrimp, and add plantains, salad, or tortilla soup to boost your meal. Families and friends particularly like this place. Be sure to take pleasure in the tasty tacos when you come.

6. The Blind Pig

Reach discover the city and unwind at The Blind Pig which is located at Hayden Road. This laid-back dining establishment with an outdoor patio setting is magnificently equipped with comfy seats as well as an upmarket environment. The blind pig provides Mexican-style consumes for lunch and dinner. The Blind Pig offers delicious lunch meals of guacamole & chips, avocado smash, crab stack, pig wings, taco plates as well as queso fundido. As for supper, you can appreciate chips with barbequed shrimp, cabbage, and also jalapeno, sweet salad, or basil soup. It’s ideal for pals or household. Drop by and also delight in the tasty as well as genuine Mexican foods.

7. Barrio Queen

After a long day of wandering with the city, welcome and also enjoy a scrumptious dish at Barrio Queen which is positioned at Stetson Dr. Suite. This restaurant is well-decorated with charming furnishings as well as a glass counter with an informal and cosy ambience. This hip Mexican street-influenced restaurant is widely known for serving tacos as well as alcoholic drinks in the middle of the stunning décor making restaurants return again and again. Barrio Queen offers delicious lunch dishes such as goat cheese, sautéed spinach, carne asada, chorizo, and also japaleno. When it comes to supper, you can grab a bite of the delicious tender poultry with luscious Oaxaca cheese and barbequed beef, and include romaine lettuce, soup, or salad to boost your dish. Be sure to appreciate the scrumptious tacos when you go by.

8. Julio’s Too

Invite as well as dine at Julio’s Too which is positioned at Camelback Road. The inside is brightly decorated with glass wall surfaces and has a cosy and casual ambience. This counter-serve choice restaurant offers delicious Mexican consumes for sit-down dining or obtain. For lunch, you can appreciate carne asada tacos, cheese enchilada, chicken taco salad, as well as El Pollo Ranchero. As for supper, you can appreciate the tasty as well as mouthwatering green corn tamale, barbequed poultry bust, spinach enchilada and include albondigas soup for dessert. It’s an ideal place for pals or coworkers to catch up. Drop by as well as delight in the tasty Mexican meals.

9. Tacos Jalisco

Coming down from Desert Hill and also searching for the most effective consumes in Old Town Scottsdale? Invite and dine at Tacos Jalisco located at north 68th road. The interior of this restaurant is well-decorated, extremely sizable and also uses good views of the exterior. This informal counter-serve is popular for dispensing Mexican road eats and combo plates from morning till late in the evening. Tacos Jalisco serves genuine and also delicious morning meal meals such as buttermilk pancakes, bacon, beef sandwich, eggs, and tea or chocolate milk. As for lunch, you can get hold of a bite of the delicious quesadilla with cheese, beans, and rice, and include smoked hen, soup, or salad to improve your dish. Make certain to take pleasure in these scrumptious Mexican dishes when you check out.

10. Los Sombreros in Scottsdale

Do not head back to your hotel room yet. A lot more great food await! Los Sombreros brings the soul of main Mexico to the Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale. This Mexican cantina-style home with one of the very best outdoor patios around is well-decorated as well as equipped for your comfy remain. This lively and laid-back restaurant offers margaritas as well as regional Mexican food in a cosy setting.

For brunch, you can have a sandwich with smoked poultry, refried beans, avocado, fried eggs, as well as bacon. Later on for supper, you can take pleasure in the delicious hen flautas with rice, bean chilaquiles, as well as include soft tacos, tortilla soup, or garden salad to supplement your dish. It’s a family-friendly location. Visit and appreciate the refreshing margaritas with your household.

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