It is possible that you have been familiar with bubble tea (also known as Boba tea) but you might not have yet tried it. It was a popular beverage within Taiwan prior to becoming well-known across the United States and all over the world. The drink is now available in many kinds of flavors and varieties and offers a unique taste that you should test.

Here are two essentials of bubble tea to help you get to get started:

It is typically made up of four components: freshly made tea (often black tea) milk, a flavor or sweetener such as sugar, and “toppings” that are found in the top of the beverage to provide it with the texture. “Chew balls “chew balls” add the excitement to the drink.

The four main ingredients could be swapped by adding other ingredients such as shaved-ice, cream freshly picked fruit, soymilk green tea, and various syrups are often used inside these teas. It is an “bubble tea” when it’s shaken with an ice shaker that creates an effervescent froth. A straw with a fat tip is used to drink the bubble tea.

Here are 10 of the most popular varieties that drinkers of bubble tea are able to enjoy, two of them are the best ones to try if you haven’t had the pleasure of drinking the bubble tea you’ve had before. Creamy, fruity flavors are usually the most sought-after.

1. Classic Milk Bubble Tea Tea With Tapioca Pearls

The classic milk tea has been the oldest kind of bubble tea, and is the one that remains loved. It is an black tea that is made up of sugar and milk powder. A lot of people drink this tea made of tapioca to make an “topping”. Tapioca originates from the root of cassava and the starch is then rolled into balls, then cooked and colored with syrups or sugars. A lot of people are hooked on the softness of these tiny tapioca pearls, and their high-quality is often an indicator of a quality bubble tea. They must not be too hard or too soft.

2. Fruit Iced Tea

Iced tea is most likely the best option for someone who hasn’t tried bubbly tea prior to. You can make it using any type of tea. It is flavored with fruit like mango, passion fruit green apple, kiwi grape, and pineapple instead of milk. It is very well-known across the United States.

3. Matcha Boba Tea

It is among the most healthful of the 10 bubble tea varieties. Matcha is a potent green tea that is loaded with health advantages. It can be purchased no sugar or almond milk, and then topped with chia seeds to increase the health benefits.

4. Thai Bubble Tea

It is one of the most well-known that is made of evaporated milk. It is typically extremely sweet. Thai tea has a look of orange it as well as a vanilla taste.

5. Winter Melon

The taste and flavor of winter melon can be difficult for those who think it is watermelon that has a distinct flavor. It is known as a typical Chinese Melon that caramelizes once cooked , giving this drink its caramel taste.

6. Popcorn Tea (Genamaicha Or Japanese Green Tea)

The tea is made of green tea and the toasted rice. The rice that has been toasted gives it the popcorn-like taste.

7. Taro B

Taro milk tea has become a popular choice for Boba tea enthusiasts. Do not think that the name taro will stop you from purchasing this tasty purple tea. It is made from the taro root, and is delicious but not overly sweet. A lot of people say it tastes exactly like cream and cookies according to Word Guru.

8. Honeydew Boba Tea

The most well-known flavors in the world is honeydew. Honeydew flavor can be blended with cream and tea to create a hot drink or mixed with an ice-based blender to create an ice-cold drink.

9. Coconut Bubble Tea

Pure coconut water, with some fruit nectar along with some “toppings” can make a healthy, delicious drink.

10. Mousse Boba Tea

This is an extremely unique flavor that will likely draw those with more adventurous taste. It is made up of different varieties of tea, topped together with some sugar. It is finished off with a tasty mousse.

“Toppings” that provide the appearance of texture

A variety of tapioca sizes are available in these teas. They are also available in a variety of shades from the classic brownish-black like pink, white, yellow or even green with some flavor. Other sources of the texture in bubble tea originate from ingredients like sago-starch jellies or pearls made of substances like coconut and aloe vera.

Popping boba tea can also be made, which is filled with a juice of a fruit. They are created by dropping acidic juice in a special solution, which produces a skin surrounding the juice.

Health Concerns About Bubble Tea

The common perception is that bubble tea isn’t very healthy since a lot of sugar is utilized along with powdered creamer, which is made up of many artificial ingredients. The tea is traditionally produced by making a huge amount at the beginning of the day and storing it. This implies that antioxidants are degraded.

Unique Variations

When Boba tea became such an instant hit in the American market, sellers began striving to beat each other with their own distinctive recipes, which included a variety of methods and ingredients. They started adding fruit-flavored power, pulp from fruit or juice, serving drinks cold or hot, and with different kinds of tea and switching from milk powder instead of milk, as well as changing the way that drinks were sweetened.

Many sellers are working to change the misconception that bubble tea can be bad for you by providing more healthy, natural alternatives. They are making the tea fresh with less sugar, or substituting sugar for the honey and agave. It is likely that you will discover a sparkling tea that you can drink in the present, even if prefer a healthier beverage or have specific dietary needs.

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