There’s plenty of speculation about the family-friendly and entertaining sitcom, Young and Hungry, which many people loved throughout its five seasons! It premiered on Freeform in 2014 and was a massive success for four long seasons until the fifth season.

After a gap of three years in the series, the million-dollar question is, when will Young and Hungry come back for a season six? If you’re also keen to know the answer take a look below because we’ve got you covered!

Young And Hungry: Release Date

I’m sorry for disappointing you. It was decided in the year 2018 Young And Hungry won’t be returning for the sixth season due to the gap of almost one year between volume 1 and season 5. However, Emily Osment, the show’s protagonist, appeared to be sure that based on the way things concluded in the season finale, the 6th season was scheduled to debut. However, she was misinformed.

To deal with the anger of its fan base, Freeform decided to produce a film titled the same with the same cast that will continue the story that ended in season five. Unfortunately, due to undetermined motives, the movie was ended up being cancelled. If it had been the film, we would have witnessed the wedding ceremony of Josh and his partner Gabi. We still feel sad.

It appears that bad luck has never disappeared from this Young and Hungry show! The angry fans appealed to Netflix to host the 6th season of the show, as Netflix usually renews several series. However, Netflix shook its head in disapproval, and however sad it may be, it is, we’ll never watch the sixth season on young and hungry season 6. Sorry for the fans, but you will have to bear the loss. You know, some things never get completed!

Young and Hungry: Cast

Young and Hungry featured a lot of fantastic characters that gave the show a binge-worthy experience. The leading roles in the show, played by Gabi Diamond, and Josh Kaminski, were played by the gifted Emily Osment and Jonathan Sadowski, respectively!

Other outstanding actors from this show are Aimee Carrero playing Sofia Rodriguez; Rex Lee as Elliot Park; Kym Whitley as Yolanda, Ashley Tisdale as Logan Rawlings; Jesse McCartney, who is known as The captivating Cooper, Bryan Safi as Alan, and Mallory Jansen, aka Caroline Hunting to just several! They deserve it! Rarely do we get to see such hilarious characters on screen?

Young And Hungry: Storyline

Drawing inspiration from a Food blogger in real life, Gabi Moskowitz Young and Hungry tells the story of the career-driven life of Gabi, played by sweet Emily, who is a genuine foodie. In a twist of fate, she is hired as a chef by Josh Kaminski, a famous entrepreneur who has become a millionaire. The series follows how Gabi serves as a chef for Josh and her struggles and triumphs as she makes her way to success. If you haven’t seen the show for the first time, here’s a brief overview and summary of the series.

The film focuses on the variety of diverse cuisines that could cause your mouth to flow and your heart flutter as you witness the complicated relationship Josh with his current girlfriend and then-chief Gabi faces when the employees look at them with the eyes of boss-assistant relations. The characters manage their professional and their private lives maturely. There are some cute moments and plenty of awkwardness, particularly following Gabi’s meeting for the first time in a nightclub with her boss, aka Josh.

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