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The goal of every business or enterprise is to make profits. No matter big or small, we all are working day and night to welcome financial prosperity and stability. Workspaces designed according to Vastu Shastra’s principles help bring success and prosperity. One must apply Vastu Shastra principles for the smooth working of a business.

According to an astrologer, Vastu Shastra’s tips can help welcome prosperity, success, and productivity into a workplace. Several design aspects in a workplace must be Vastu-compliant for these tips to work. Let us study these in detail and understand their importance and benefits.

Vastu For Office

Let us now dive into various Vastu Shastra tips for different office aspects.

  • Seating Arrangement
  • To encourage growth and new beginnings, entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east, or northeast direction.
  • All accounting department officials should sit in the south or southeastern corner of the home.
  • People in marketing or sales should sit facing the northeast direction. This ensures proactiveness. They can also sit facing the northwest direction.
  • All employees must sit with their backs to the north or east direction to enhance productivity.
  • All individuals holding leadership roles should sit in a cabin facing the west or the northeast.
  • Office Entrance
  • The office door must face the east or north direction. These directions are considered fortunate.
  • Any object should not obstruct the entrance of the office.
  • Since Lord Kuber is regarded as the wealthiest lord, hanging his portrait on the north wall helps.
  • Office Reception
  • As per astrology and Vastu Shastra, the office reception in the northeast or east is advisable.
  • It would be best for the receptionist to sit with their back to the north or east direction.
  • French lavender, green jade, or a four-leaf clover are known to bring good luck.
  • The south side wall of the reception is best for hanging the company logo or profile.
  • Place the reception desk diagonally across the front door of the office.
  • Auspicious Plants
  • Keeping a Tulsi (basil) plant at workplaces is considered auspicious. Besides being auspicious, it has great therapeutic value.
  • Keeping a snake plant in the office can clear the space of any negative energies. It helps people come together and make better decisions and draw conclusions.
  • Bamboo plants are known to bring good luck and serenity into the environment.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, other plant options include the money plant, lotus plant, lemon plant, cactus, jade plant, and lemon balm.
  • Office Furniture
  • Entrepreneurs should use a desk that is rectangular or square. Avoid desks or table tops with glass. Ensure that the desks are made with high-quality wood.
  • Avoid using L-shaped desks or workstations as they may create confusion and work delivery delays.
  • The office chair should be spacious and very comfortable. There should be enough arm support and a high back. According to Vastu and an experienced astrologer, adding a hint of red to your chair may get you promoted.
  • Office Temple
  • The office temple should be placed in the north or northeast corner. If this is not possible, ensure it is in the east-facing direction.
  • Lord Ganesha or Buddha idols can be placed in the office’s entryway. Always keep this space clean and decorated with fresh flowers and incense sticks.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, keep the Ganesha idol in the entryway, with its back facing the main entrance.
  • Home Office
  • A home office or workstation should always be facing the west or southwest. The critical thing to remember is to not sit against a back wall or in front of a door.
  • Use a desk that is rectangular or square.
  • The desk drawers should be in the west or southwest corners of the desk.
  • Avoid working at a dining table that has a glass top.
  • According to an astrologer and Vastu Shastra, the work chair should be spacious, comfortable, and high enough to reach the person’s head.
  • If you have a spare room that can be converted into a home office, choose neutral colors like light gold, as it enhances earnings and productivity


According to astrology, these Vastu Shastra tips can help enhance productivity, prosperity, and wealth in your office space. Follow these practical tips and remedies and spread positivity and welcome prosperity.

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