When it comes to running a successful business, having a passion for what you do is necessary; however, what if that passion was good food, and you could make money off of it? It’s a win-win situation whether you buy an existing business that sells your favorite foods or starts your own that does.

There are a lot of different ways to do this, and it doesn’t even have to be a business. For instance, I adore tortillas, tacos, and any other type of Mexican food; therefore, I would either find a business that consists of Mexican or Spanish culture food, like find a tortilla route for sale and when I pitch it to new customers, it will have a higher chance of closing the deal because I will sell my pitch well.

Here are 5 ways to make money from the foods you enjoy

Below are 5 ways to make money from the foods you enjoy, if you love a certain type of food like spaghetti, you can focus on Italian food products and if you are into burgers focus on fast food items and so on and so on.

  1. Become an affiliate marketeer 

You will earn money if you become an affiliate marketer because you will receive payment for each sale from your link. You can promote this link in various locations or create cool and yummy advertisements to post on your social media pages.

  1. Buy a route 

Finding a route for sale that sells food you love is another option, you can find plenty of routes for sale in online marketplaces like bizroutes.com, for example, an online market dedicated to commercial routes for sale

  1. Become a salesperson 

Another option is becoming a sales rep for the food will want to represent, you can check their websites out and see if they’re hiring, and always include how much of a fan you are of their food! 

  1. Advertise a food brand 

Advertising on your e-commerce website or blog is always a way to generate income, also keep in mind even if you don’t own either you can always start your blog on a platform like wix.com, it’s free and straightforward and you can go live really quick! 

  1. Start a youtube channel 

The old fashion way is just creating a youtube channel, you can name it anything that’s about the food type you like, lets’s say you are a bread person you can name it bread queen ( name might be taken) but its an example, and you promote the type of bread and what you can make on them! 


It is a fantastic idea that can become an incredible side hustle that may lead to a full-time income for you, and there are many easy ways to make money from the foods you enjoy eating. In general, there are many different ways to make money from the foods you enjoy eating.

By Michael Caine

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