Vacations with children in Singapore are indeed very fun. Apart from visiting tourist attractions, you can also invite them to stay at the hotel in Balestier. One or two days on a weekend is enough to accompany the child to enjoy a new atmosphere other than at home, by staying at a hotel.

However, before staying at a hotel, there are several things you need to know to choose the right hotel so that your child feels comfortable. So what are the tips for staying with children at a hotel so that the vacation feels comfortable? Let’s check out the following tips!


1. Choose a hotel that is close to tourist attractions

Before staying, parents need to know that the first tip to take their children on vacation at a hotel is to choose a hotel that is close to tourist attractions.

Parents need to determine which tourist attractions they want to visit and the transportation. Choosing a hotel to stay with children is not recommended if the distance is too far from tourist attractions. This is to avoid long travel times where children will usually get bored and even cry on the way.

2. Choose a hotel with child-friendly facilities

Choosing a hotel that has child-friendly facilities is also necessary before arriving at the hotel location. These child-friendly facilities include a playground and swimming pool. Children will usually be happy if the hotel has facilities for them to play besides resting.

Especially the swimming pool, parents are also advised to choose a hotel that has a special pool for children with a low depth. Also choose a hotel that has an interesting spot not far from its location, such as a museum, traditional village, or recreation park.

3. Choose a hotel that provides breakfast

Bringing the child to stay at the hotel definitely has to think about how to find a place to eat near the hotel. If the location near the hotel does not have a place to eat or a restaurant for breakfast, you can still anticipate it by choosing a hotel that provides breakfast.

Usually, every hotel has breakfast facilities for its guests, but not for children. Children guests will usually get a price of 50 percent of the breakfast price for adults. If you don’t have breakfast facilities, you can borrow a hotel refrigerator to store food.

4. Bring toys

Things that should not be forgotten to bring to the hotel are children’s toys. Parents should not forget to bring their children’s toys from home. If there are toys, the kids will definitely feel at home and won’t be fussy at the hotel. You can also choose a hotel that has cable television facilities and is connected to Youtube so that children can watch their favorite shows.

5. Bring your child’s favorite item

Usually, children have things that cannot be separated from them when traveling. As a parent, you must not forget to bring your child’s favorite or favorite item. Items such as toys, pillows, dolls, or favorite blankets can keep children happy while at hotels and traveling.

When choosing a hotel, you can book Value Hotel Balestier which is located close to the Singapore National Stadium and Marina Bay Sands. This hotel is also close to Novena MRT Station which makes it easy for you and your little one to get around the city.

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