Austin’s Chinese scene might not be as durable as the city’s even more widely known cuisines (hi, barbeque and tacos). Despite that, the local food has actually grown stronger in the past few years. It’s simple to locate noodles, dumplings, mapo tofu, Americanized Chinese options, and also best shipment spots.

Below are Eater’s leading Chinese restaurant suggestions, highlighting the most effective of the very best, covering every one of Austin, expanded from much north to means south. Midtown modern Chinese hot spot Wu Chow, Sichuan thrills from China’s Family Dining establishment, Chinese barbecue with Hullabaloo Ho and also First Chinese; South Austin spicy savior and also Eater 38 dining establishment Sichuan River, as well as others. This update includes Chef Hong, Fat Dragon, as well as Chen Z.

For relevant fare, have a look at Eater’s overview to dim sum, dumplings, and beef noodle soup, and for something warm, Austin’s spiciest meals. For various other neighboring regional foods, extent out Eater’s overviews to Southeast Asian, Thai, and also Indian food in Austin, as well as sushi.

1. Fat Dragon

The Barrington Oaks Chinese restaurant focuses mainly on juicy dumplings, from soup dumplings to fit to be tied pork as well as chive dumplings to fried veggie dumplings. Other things consist of fried rice as well as lo mein and Chinese-American plates like General Tso’s hen. The food selection likewise endeavors right into Japanese meals like ramen as well as udon. The dining establishment has actually reopened for dine-in solution as well as provides takeout and also distribution through Favor.

2. Asia Cafe & Asia Market

Among the comprehensive Eastern menu of the North Austin shopping center dining establishment, the mapo tofu and also spicy fish are the standout meals in addition to a soft eggplant with ground pork. Then there’s the Chinese food range at the food store’s small restaurant also. Place pickup orders in person.

3. Rice Bowl Coffee Shop

Rice and also noodles are the heroes at Cantonese North Austin dining establishment Rice Dish coffee shop with substantial parts and fast delivery. The pork noodle soup is a standout recipe: spicy as well as crispy with fresh, handcrafted noodles. The restaurant has actually resumed for dine-in solution as well as supplies Grubhub pickup as well as distribution.

4. TC Noodle House

TC Noodle Residence is a gem within Austin’s Chinatown Center, with fresh vegetable meals like snow pea leaves and also a range of dumplings including shrimp as well as leek. Level rice noodles with beef and veggies are satisfying and also delicious.

5. First Chinese BBQ

A Chinatown Facility staple, First Chinese BBQ’s broad Cantonese-style menu consists of everything from noodle soups, warm pot, to bbq. Online buying readily available for takeout.

6. Home of Three Gorges

This Chinese restaurant focuses on Sichuan fare, from pepper leaping fish to spicy boiled beef to mala fish with soft tofu. Pickup orders can be put on the internet as well as there are third-party shipments.

7. Din Ho Chinese BBQ

Hubbub Ho never lets down, with Beijing duck, Chinese barbecue, as well as seasoned meats like poultry baked in rock salt. The restaurant is open for pick-ups as well as Support distributions.

8. Julie’s Noodles

The North Austin Chinese restaurant has lots of dumplings and also hand-made noodles. Order online or in person.

9. CoCo’s Coffee shop

The Taiwanese restaurant with two places (the other simply southern of campus) is open for pick-up orders and also third-party shipments, consisting of bubble teas, noodles, rice, and meat-/ vegetable-centric meals, as well as much more.

10. China Household Dining Establishment at Highland

The Highland Chinese dining establishment features lots of great Sichuan specialities, from fish fillets saturated in chili oil to spicy Chongqing poultry to increase cooked pork stubborn belly to a specifically wonderful vinegar napa cabbage. The dining establishment is open for dine-in or order online for pick-ups. There are 2 other places: one by the University of Texas as well as one more by Northcross Shopping center.

11. Shanghai Chinese Dining Establishment

The family-run establishment dishes out a timeless selection of dark sum as well as Chinese entrees. Pickup orders can be positioned online. The restaurant has resumed for dine-in service.

12. Xian Sushi as well as Noodle

For passionate Chinese hand-pulled noodles and also noodle soup recipes, Xian is the solution, especially those red-braised beef noodles. Both the Mueller as well as Domain name places of the Chinese noodle dining establishment are open for pick-ups and deliveries positioned online, and the dining establishments have actually reopened for dine-in services.

13. Bao would certainly Up

Xian’s sibling shop Bao would certainly Up is devoted to handmade Chinese fit to be tied buns, with fillings from meaningful and also juicy (pork, brisket) to vegetarian as well as sweet (veggie, red bean, egg cream). There are 5 places (the others in Sunset Valley, West University, Burnet Road, as well as Waterfront). The dining establishments are open for dine-in and also approve on-line orders for pick-ups and also shipments.

14. Tso Chinese Shipment

Tso focuses on delivery and also pickup Chinese-American food, with products like deep-fried rice, pan-fried noodles, and tofu lettuce cups.

15. Cook Hong

The university truck provides exceptional, acquainted, comforting Chinese meals, from Chinese hamburgers (also known as roujiamo, a more flattened-version of a hamburger with crunchy bread and also pork) to cold-skin noodles to dumplings. Available for distribution with third-party applications like DoorDash as well as GrubHub.

16. Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum

The founding dark sum chef of Wu Chow, Ling Qi Wu, opened her very own Clarksville dining establishment featuring plenty of her hit dumplings (consisting of soup dumplings), alongside various other noodle and also rice dishes, plus meat and veggie entrees. There’s additionally Sunday dark amount.

The Clarksville restaurant is open for dine-in as well as pick-up orders positioned online.

17. Chinatown

With two locations in Austin, Chinatown is a mix of American and timeless Chinese, dim amount, as well as also sushi. Chef specialties like the special beef are the stars. Chinatown is open for dine-in solutions, as well as on-line ordering for pickup or shipment is offered.

18. Old Thousand

Old Thousand supplies Chinese-American make out like mala fried hen, mapo eggplant, brisket fried rice, and also dumplings. If you’re dining in, take advantage of the solid alcoholic drinks. It’s open for pick-ups and distributions placed online, and both locations (the various other on Burnet Roadway) have actually resumed for dine-in services.

19. Wu Chow

Wu Chow boasts a few of the most effective soup dumplings in Austin housed in a buzzy midtown location. The alcoholic drinks are seriously excellent, as are the wide range of food selection items from braised eggplant to beef embracing scallions to Sunday dim sum. The dining establishment has resumed for dine-in service, or order online for takeout.

20. Chen Z Noodle Home

Chen Z is all about Chinese noodles, naturally, from zesty beef noodle soup to fried rice noodles, paired with superb scallion pancakes. (Look for as well as brother or sister restaurant Chen’s Noodle Residence up in Spicewood also.) The Oak Hillside restaurant is open for takeout as well as distribution orders, and also has actually reopened for dine-in service.

21. Sichuan River

Find excellent Sichuan food in South Austin with Sichuan River, full of warm and also dry pot, noodles, exceptional mapo tofu, and much more. The South Austin Chinese dining establishment is open for pickups as well as deliveries (within a three-mile distance), and orders can be positioned over the phone or by means of third-party apps. The dining establishment has actually resumed for dine-in solution.

22. First Wok

First Frying pan continues to reign as a traditional Austin favorite with big trusted plates of American Chinese food eating in or performing. Pick-up orders can be put over the phone as well as the restaurant has reopened for dine-in solution.

23. Tune La

The Taiwanese food truck at the Thicket is open for walk-up orders or sophisticated pick-up orders placed through the phone, text, or its web site. On deck are a variety of bento boxes and also dishes, featuring pork tummy, pork chops, and hen.

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